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Leak Detection

Leak Detection —— Select the proper method

With the technology improvement and working environment changing, leak detection is not limited to some products。 PSPC concept is performed, and varied testing technologies are integrated for global customer service。

P:Product S:Standard P:Process C:Cost

Besides the purchase of leak detection instruments, customers need to consider how to make fast connection to the measured work piece。Air leak tester cannot work separately and it needs external auxiliary fixtures to ensure a faster rate and higher efficiency。

With a perfect Quality Control System, BOYI Company focuses on the standard setting and technological process. When facing varied factory environments, it is meaningful to select appropriate parameters and standards, and make sure the process must conform to the relevant requirements.

We have been trying to reduce the test cost for our customers.

Detecting method-Range Chart of Leakage Rate

Since 1962, we have designed and manufactured air leak testers, and at present we are the world's second-largest manufacturer.In the past years, we have been offering full services for our thousands of customers in China as below:

Provide customers with the most appropriate leak detection method and fixture design;
Help customers determine the parameters and eligibility criteria;
Help customers to establish a perfect process system;
Reduce the cost as far as possible while satisfy the requirements

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