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Calibration calibration apparatus
  • Calibrator
    CAL Series

    This calibration device is suitable for spot check, accuracy confirmation and volume calculation by manually adjusting the volume

    大福彩票官网Volume variation: 0.1~5ml

  • 大福彩票官网Standard leak
    FFM-100 Series

    This standard leak generates fixed flow under fixed pressure, and is suitable for spot check, accuracy confirmation and parameters setting

    大福彩票官网Leak rate range: 0。1 ~ 200 ml/min

  • Standard Leak
    FFM-110 Series

    This standard leak has wilder flow range and applications and large flow type is optional

    Leak rate range: 0.2~100ml/min.

  • Standard Leak
    FFM1000/2000 Series

    This standard leak has fast response and hardly be affected by the ambient temperature

    Leak rate range:
    Pressure range:-0.1~2MPa

  • Universal Leak Calibrator
    ULC Series

    This compact calibrator is used for calibrating air leak tester and can generate any required leak rate

    Leak rate range:0.2~100ml/min

  • Standard Leak Calibration System
    FC-80 Series

    The pressure change resolution reaches up to 1Pa

    Detectable Range: 5×10-8~5×10-5Pa。m3/s

  • Calibrator
    SUP Series

    This device is used to calibrate the leak detector, differential pressure gauge and pressure gauges

    Differential pressure range: 0~±2000Pa
    Direct pressure range: 0~1000kPa3

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